Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bringing home the Bacon

Back in the old days (Um, like last week when my travel blog was rejected) you used to have to have 20 posts in a blog that was at least 90 days old. SO I decided to pay attention to that little blog, and make a few other ones, since my pagerank on my original blog sucks, I figured they could build off of each other and maybe one day, when google updates their pageranking system (which I hear is like very 90 days) then maybe my original blog will be worth something, and then maybe I can grow these other blogs, too and Mwa hahaaha rule the mom blogging world, like Dooce and Amalah.

But now, they have changed the rules, so that any blog that has ten posts and is 30 days old will qualify.

I think it's a stupid mistake. There's already too many of us scrambling like vultures to grab the few opportunities that are available for new bloggers. They pay $20 for posting when you sign up, just to announce that you've done it. So they'll have all these people signing up and getting paid for making their first post announcing that they've signed up and then their system will be overloaded because all these people will be trying to get paid posts all the time. It isn't easy hitting the refresh button ten thousand times a day hoping a new one will come up. And sometimes the verification words are long and complicated. Like "Renoir $285,837.20" and things like that. It's not a lifestyle everyone is cut out for. If you think you might be the one who can handle it, then click the purple image below and they will help you register for paid blogging. I don't think you can handle it, though. I am just warning you.

You should do it fast because I don't know if they'll stay in business like this for long. Hopefully you're someone with a blog that has a higher page rank than mine, so that you won't be taking opportunities that I could be using to feed my kids. My six kids. Seriously.

Getting Snippy with Mrs H

OK, so my very awesome real life friend (home decor genius and former blogger, I understand) turned me on to the art of couponing. OK, it was really her husband, but he didn't know what he was talking about he just told me to call her. I am so glad I did, not only is she refreshing (I got to vent about an unbloggable situation) she cracks me up, I had coffee coming out my nose because she is so funny.
Back to coupons. This might affect the way we eat.

I try to avoid processed foods, sticking to staples and whole foods. Every now & then I'll spring for organics when I'm feeling- I don't know, like it matters.

But these ladies at Hot Coupon World have couponing down to a SCIENCE.

They have coordinated to post all online coupon printing options (I didn't know there were so many) and they also have a listing of what ads are in each (of 4 publishers) coupon inserts to the Sunday papers. They also talk about which coupons are in the store ads, what the stores have on sale, what their coupon redeeming policies are, and they're getting tons and tons of things for FREE. They have pictures of their "stockpiles" that make me wonder, seriously, if some of them might have a hoarding disorder.

I had to question the mentality of this for a while before i decided to try it. Why would someone need twelve cases of toilet paper? Who cares if it's free, You're STORING all that stuff, it's occupying space in your home and getting in the way and it's not just toilet paper, it's Shampoo, band-aids, diapers, wipes, maxi pads, canned foods, cases of soda pop, vitamins, cleaning products, dishwasher detergent...seriously, here are some of the pictures, I hope they don't get mad at me for posting them here. ATTENTION- COUPON LADIES: IF YOU WANT ME TO REMOVE YOUR PICTURE I WILL. DON'T GET PISSY ABOUT IT PLEASE.

OK- these are all from one lady. I had saved a few from other people because they were... impressive, but I think the weight of the fact that this is all from one person matters.

This is a little collage I made from about 25 pictures.

Anyhow- while I am not striving to compile that much stuff, I do think it would be nice not to run out of anything, not to pay full price, and not to freak out when my kid dumps a bottle of shampoo into the toilet (it's happened) painted herself and the bathtub with toothpaste (that happened, too) or gone through a whole box of band-aids in less than a week (without ever drawing blood) So- without further ado, if you care to share this coupon obsession, visit and rummage through their endless circle of repetitive "for the newbie" posts until you find the one that really explains it (sorry, I've lost it but the background is yellow)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Breakfast Lately

been dicing the gigantic, Costco potatoes on the mandolin into french fries, and then into cubes with a knife. In this picture set, I also used roast beef and celery. I seasoned with Russillo's Sea Stuff seasoning and used about a stick of butter.

I can feed my whole family with one potato!