Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks, Nichole- you rock!

I've been chronicling my coupon adventures (or lack of adventure) here on this blog, but I do realize that so far this story (which isn't over yet) doesn't have anything to do with food. Except the milk.

So- my friend Nichole calls me this morning because she knows I am a failure at the couponing game, and she tells me about this Walgreens deal. You buy 4 suave products (buy one get one half off) and the register prints a $6 instant rebate. The shampoo is $5 so you make $1. Fine if you do it once, but even finer if you do it several times. So I did it twice today and I'm going back later tonight to do it again. The $6 won't be discounted if your purchase isn't $6 so when you go back through it's not like you get the $1 back, you have to make a purchase bringing your total up to $6 So I got milk. Total out-of-pocket $7.74 Total gained so far- one $6 rebate coupon, and 1 gallon of milk and 8 suave products. I'm going back for more. AND- I'm bringing my coupons. This ends Saturday I think she said- and it only works onthe bottom shelf suave, I got tangerine, ocean breeze & coconut. With 6 daughters, I go through a lot of shampoo. Thanks, Nichole- I will be saving some Hershey's Bliss for you:-)

Hershey's Bliss. Thanks, so much!

I'm having a Hershey's Bliss House Party soon. not soone neough. Hersheys (bless their chocolate-loving souls) sent me like 9 huge bags of hershey's bliss chocolate (3 dark chocolate, 3 milk chocolate and 3 with meltaway centers) to distribute at this party. Plus, a bunch of purple pens (I love purple) and grocery lists, fridge magnets, cocktail napkins and gift bags. Do you have any idea how hard it's going to be waiting until the party to gobble them up. And then sharing, I have to give these away? My friends are lucky people. And So far the dark chocolate are my favorite.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Clipping Coupons

I wish i had her passion for the project. Instead of becoming an awesome grocery saver, I have becomes a big stupid idiot who constantly pays too much at the grocery store and knows it. Oh how I long for those dark ages when I didn't think I could do it. I didn't feel stupid not doing something I didn't know much about but now that I know there's all this knowledge to be had and skills to gain, I feel like I am slacking. Learn it. Figure it out. Make it part of your life. Why is this so difficult. If she can do it, so can I

Quick Grilled Cheese

I took this picture forever ago and just barely found it. This is Olive Oil Spray. it is so much faster to just spray the bread on one side, stick ti in the pan, add cheese, and another slice of bread and then spray the top. It makes a yummy grilled Cheese, without using Butter or margarine. Butter costs a fortune, and frankly, it's a pain in the a$$ to sit there spreading it all around with a knife. Same thing with margarine, and with margarine there's like hydrogenated fats to deal with. Just spray it. if you're concerned about CFC's (are they still using those) you could get that Pampered Chef pump and spray-thing and make your own but I just use generic Safeway brand olive oil spray. Unless I have a coupon that makes another brand cheaper.

And here's a mom-of-six-kids tip. Set your oven to the lowest setting and don't serve anyone their grilled cheese until it's all ready otherwise the kids will be eating at different times and lunch eating will take an hour instead of 15 minutes and that whole hour will be chaos.