Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organic Coffee

Why bother? I bought it because the 5pound bag of Organic Rainforest saving coffee was around $10 less at Costco than the Same-sized bag od Starbucks coffee. PLus, the Starbucks Coffee said "French Roast" and I know that dark roasted beans have more caffeine and flavor, I usually get the Italian Roasted Starbucks but I could SEE THROUGH the bag of the Rainforest coffee and those beans were blackish, dark so I opted for the known entity. Dark beans are the best. Starbucks is a yummy thing, but I just don't know about French Roasting techniques. The french make great fries and great vanilla ice cream, but those are mild and coffee (in my house) can't be mild.
I wonder, though. how many harmful chemicals the non-organic coffee is exposed to. Or is it B.S. like "organic basil" Bugs don't generally eat basil. There wouldn't be a reason to spray basil. I'd google it if I cared. It's yummy coffee in case you're wondering.

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