Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks, Nichole- you rock!

I've been chronicling my coupon adventures (or lack of adventure) here on this blog, but I do realize that so far this story (which isn't over yet) doesn't have anything to do with food. Except the milk.

So- my friend Nichole calls me this morning because she knows I am a failure at the couponing game, and she tells me about this Walgreens deal. You buy 4 suave products (buy one get one half off) and the register prints a $6 instant rebate. The shampoo is $5 so you make $1. Fine if you do it once, but even finer if you do it several times. So I did it twice today and I'm going back later tonight to do it again. The $6 won't be discounted if your purchase isn't $6 so when you go back through it's not like you get the $1 back, you have to make a purchase bringing your total up to $6 So I got milk. Total out-of-pocket $7.74 Total gained so far- one $6 rebate coupon, and 1 gallon of milk and 8 suave products. I'm going back for more. AND- I'm bringing my coupons. This ends Saturday I think she said- and it only works onthe bottom shelf suave, I got tangerine, ocean breeze & coconut. With 6 daughters, I go through a lot of shampoo. Thanks, Nichole- I will be saving some Hershey's Bliss for you:-)

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