Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank God for Women

Aren't women awesome. All over blogland, women are sharing things that work in their lives, so that no matter what the problem, dilemma or issue is, all you need to do is shout out the question, and you'll find women who have answered it for themselves, and are willing to share.

Major point today is the Grocery Gathering. This is women who have cracked the whole couponing code, and successfully organized their Grocery store sale ads with all forms of printable and newspaper coupons, coordinated everything altogether and are posting it each week for MY benefit. And yours, if you choose to allow massive savings into your life. And it's such a communal effort, too. Each grocery store chain is represented by a different blogger, so I can subscribe to the feed from whoever handles my stores (Safeway & Albertsons, in case you wondered) It's a lot easier than scouring the boards at (the first couponing place I found, that's still good for finding specific coupons, but not exactly as easy as this whole grocery gathering thing. Enjoy!

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