Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cooking Secrets from Me

The secret to making Annie's organic macaroni and cheese taste yummy in spite of the fact that the sauce is different from the Kraft stuff is to add only butter. Use half a stick of butter and no milk. Ignore the directions, be a rebel. It's tasty stuff.

Make grilled cheese with PAM. I know I've shared this before, I might even have posted a picture of it. The fact is, it works and you can even use spray olive oil or vegetable oil. Sure, butter is yummy but it's a bit on the greasy side.

Make breakfast from scratch every day because it's healthier and delicious and cheaper than using boxed cereal. My friend Emily makes crock pot oatmeal using steel cut or whole oats (not rolled oats) molasses or honey and raisins. YYUUUMMM

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