Saturday, January 31, 2009

Campbells Select Harvest Maryland Style Crab Soup

It's fine if you put some crab in it. photographed the entire investigation buyt my card reader isn't... reading.. at the moment.

Basically, the picture on the label shows white slivers of crabmeat, floating throughout the soup and stuck to the veggies. The reality, however, is that in the entire can there was less than 2T of crabmeat. I am assuming that it was crabmeat, it wasn't white and slivvery, like you'd expect crabmeat to be. It was brown and rubbery and chunky. Like the boullion didn't dissolve or something. Those chunks didn't taste like crab either.

So this soup was a complete disappointment. Until I added some imatation krab. That's better than nothing. Never better than real Maryland Blue Crab, but way yummier than those nasty brown chunks of whatever the hell Campbells is trying to pass off as crabmeat.

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